Apple Macbook Multi-output audio


I was trying to watch John Oliver with my fiance today and we had the eternal problem of 2 people trying to share a pair of headphones. I had a Bluetooth headset too and I wondered if we could stream audio over both these. Voila! Someone had already worked out this neat trick here:

The last part about about sending output to a particular device is done by going into System Preferences > Sound > Output and selecting the multi-output device there.

TI Launchpad



I got a new TI launchpad MSP430G2 board. This is a simple micro-controller board with built in flash emulation and debugging capability. You can use TI’s CCS or  Energia to communicate with it and flash your program.

I start with the simple example blink LED tutorial, which is quite fun 🙂

Lets see how I can hook it up with my Raspberry Pi to make something interesting.