To-do list for the next couple of weeks

1A. Learn and use CherryPy, jQuery, jQuery mobile

1B. Design a custom web interface and finally control an LED through it.

2. Learn how to use PWM for controlling the multi-color LED. Learn loops, functions, etc. in python. Can we run 2 different functions continuously in python, each controlling a different set of pins?


Learn about wiringpi and how communications with the GPIO pins is handled using C

URL Links within Image Captions on the free

Somehow a simple

doesn’t work since server strips it out. What you have to do instead, is use single quotes (‘…’).

Isn’t this stupid? Took me a while to figure out. People suggested all sort of things like javascript in the footer.php section, plugins, etc. But all those things are for the self-hosted, not for

WordPress – why is this so complicated?

Mentioned here too: URL Links in Image captions

NB: Also see this: HTML Ignore